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Responsibility for humans and nature

We are polluting our environment by using resources and raw materials, through our manufacturing processes and, last but not least, by the way in which we dispose of items we no longer need. Preventing this pollution or minimizing it to the greatest extent possible is one of the greatest challenges of our time. The only way in which we can ensure that we provide our children with a planet that is worth living on is if we all work together to quickly and sustainably satisfy the requirements for conserving and protecting the natural world – in everything that we do.

In this brochure we will attempt to define and explain the key terms of our environmental policy. This will help our customers, suppliers and us to always be aware of the importance of the environment in everything we do. A clever man once said: “Anything that cannot be expressed in words does not exist.” We are convinced that our efforts to define and describe important terms will ultimately help us to make the breakthrough.

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