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artimelttechnology - sterile adhesives for medical and clinical applications

The requirements for medical products are becoming increasingly stringent – and at a rapid speed too. An important aspect here is that the medical products can be sterilized and stored in sterile conditions for a long period of time. The medical products must be able to be sterilized in the packaging using the common methods. At the same time, these processes must ensure that the packaging  contents do not become contaminated after long periods of storage. It does not matter here if the product is a plaster, a syringe or a surgical drape. The requirements for the packaging and the product within are at an equally high level. artimelt offers a wide range of adhesive solutions for medical products and packaging.

In this folder we will explain you how the artimelt adhesives react to different sterilisation methods and for what applications they can be used. You can also find informations about their processing. 

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